T-Shirts Coming Soon!

Chaos Beneath the Surface is happy to announce that they have placed their order for shirts and should be recieving them very soon!  “We are very excited to get our first pressing of shirts on its way, we would like to thank everyone who preordered a shirt!!” Ryan Ibarra-guitar.  CBTS is no longer taking preorders but shirts can still be purchased!  If you didnt preorder a shirt and would like a shirt, contact the band, all contact info can be found under the contact tab of this site.


T-Shirt PreOrders!

Chaos Beneath the Surface is happy to announce PreOrders for upcoming T-Shirts are now being taken.  The PreOrder Price is $10.  The preorder includes a free Scream for Hate and Pain EP and free stickers!  To PreOrder a shirt, click the T-Shirt Pre-Orders tab or contact Ryan on facebook!!!  The Design for the Shirt can be found at the link below.

Now Taking PreOrders for Shirts and CDs

Chaos Beneath the Surface is proud to announce anticipation to enter the studio in August.  With the impending release of their first full length album, Chaos Beneath the Surface is beginning to take Pre-Orders for the CD.  The cost of the CD will be $10. Chaos Beneath the Surface has also been preparing a design for a new shirt release.  Pre-Orders are also being taken for shirts, the cost will be $10.  A Pre-Order Package Deal is also being offered for $17.  This package will include a CD, Shirt and a couple Stickers.  If you would like to place an order, please contact the band via Email or message Ryan or Mark on Facebook.

Take a moment and check out GorePhobic on facebook! He does some pretty amazing work!


Chaos Beneath the Surface adds Seven Drumworks to their list of sponsors!!

In addition to Love Gone Apparel, Chaos Beneath the Surface is excited to add Seven Drumworks to their list of sponsors! Announced earlier today, a deal with Chaos Beneath the Surface’s label Your Label Records and Seven Drumworks was struck, giving every band on the label this awesome sponsorship! Needless to say, Chaos Beneath the Surface is very excited about this opportunity.

Check out Seven Drumworks at:

Love Gone Apparel

Everyone check out Love Gone Apparel!! They have some awesome designs! Go check them out on facebook, give them your like and order a shirt from them you will not regret it!



“We are Very happy to be signed to Your Label Records”

In May of 2011, Chaos Beneath the Surface officially signed with Your Label Records!!  After roughly a week of conversation, an agreement between the band and the label was reached!!  Along with the signing, Chaos Beneath the Surface has been partnered with Love Gone Apparel!

“We are very happy to be signed with Your Label Records and to be partnered with Love Gone Apparel.  This is a huge step for our band, Your Label Records and Love Gone Apparel.  We are excited to begin this adventure and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Your Label Records, the other bands on the label and Love Gone Apparel.” Ryan-Guitarist

Since the signing Chaos Beneath the Surface has begun finishing the writing process of their first full length album and are aiming for August to enter the studio.

Below are the links for

Your Label Records:


Love Gone Apparel